An alternative to the face to face counseling utilizing the Socio Dynamic methodology, E-Counseling still helps from a quick response and convenience angle. Let Dr. Harith be your personal counselor and let him show you how to overcome problems and to reclaim your happiness that is really yours in the first place.


proYI Cognitive Training

Dr. Harith will provide you with the tools that will allow you to excel in whatever you do, both at work and play. A very simple, pragmatic process based on neuroscience and metaphysics evidence that have revealed that we can create a life of health, energy, happiness, a life without sadness, grief or frustrations, by simply retraining and reprogramming our brain and two minds

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Catch up with Dr. Harith’s latest articles that covers topics such as spirituality, motivation, and general insights into productivity and what makes the mind tick.

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Meet The Counsellor

With nearly 40 years experience in the legal, corporate and counseling arenas, Dr. Harith has developed a unique training system combining counseling with soft skills. He is a strong advocate of knowing one’s self towards excellence propulsion.

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E-Counseling Process

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    </p> <p>ASK YOUR QUESTION</p> <p>

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    </p> <p>COUNSELOR’S RESPONSE</p> <p>

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    </p> <p>PRIVACY AND SECURITY</p> <p>

1. Submit your question in our contact form and make payment securely via PayPal. Once payment is received, you will be notified and should expect a response within 24 hours.

2. Once payment is received, we will respond to your first question and you are entitled to a follow up question free of charge. For further questions, you simply start the process again.

3. We are bound by a code of conduct as all licensed counsellors are and we ensure that all correspondence is confidential. Payment for our services is also secure via PayPal.

Now that you are familiar with our easy process, click the button below and ask your question now!

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