17 Jan


  1. An excellent article on depression and ways to counter it. Well done Dr. Harith. We need more people like you to reach out to those who suffer from depression.
    My comment about this article will be based on how we can, instead of zeroing on the symptoms and then do a patchwork which surely will not last; but to find out the causes that lead to depression and then educate the public in general so that as parents they will know how to build a “safety net” around their sensitive, impressionable, easily manipulated, good and bad habits causing minds of their children; a “safety net” that can protect these growing innocent children, from the ignoble, immoral, unethical, criminality-based, materlal-senses obssesed life-styles, they “see” “feel”, “hear” and “taste” with their sensitive mind, from what is happening around them!
    In this Age the “safety-net” must be designed and prepared for use from the moment the parents become aware about the wish of their children to get married!
    I shall therefore try my best to the best of my knowledge itemize some of the important advice about this subject hoping and praying that as many men, women, youth, and even children become aware of what is shared with them in this comment! Every paragraph herein will be numbered and should any reader wish for more clarification, kindly use the number of the paragraph in question and write to the author of this blog for answers.
    Build the “safety-net” using these materials:-
    1. Compulsory pre-marital education for the, about to be wed, female and male; an education that reflects Truth as revealed in Sacred Writings of religion.
    2. Compulsory that the living parents, of both parties give their permission for this union.
    3 The moment the female partner or the wife knows that she is pregnant; she will have been educated to know that at that moment when the ovum and the sperm has conjugated to form a zygote, the soul arrives to energize the developing embryo. That it is this moment that the pure, sensitive mind of the developing child in the mother’s womb-world and the mind of the mother is “connected”. From that moment the mother becomes the first teacher of the developing child in her womb! From that moment whatever the mother thinks, speaks and acts will influence the character-building educational process of the child in her womb-world!
    4. From this moment onwards the father will have to so careful that under no circumstances will his words and actions, specially, upset the thought pattern of the wife.
    5. The feeling of true love for each other and the true love in their hearts, for having been gifted by the Almighty Creator of a child that they will have to nourished, educate to become a spiritual and an upright, noble human being must always be with them.
    6. The parents to become models of “right living” which will act as a force that will be copied by the child as it grows withing an aura of love of the Almighty, love of the parents, obedience to parents wishes, respect for the elders, service-orientated, and above all to only look at the good in any one the child encounters!
    7. To teach the child to be inquisitive, to ask questions, to read and write, to think independently; to pray daily; all these under the supervision of the parents especially until the child reaches the age of five!
    There is so much more to be shared; especially what can be done until the child reaches the age of 10, then the age of 15 when the child begins to be spiritually mature, then until the age of 21 when the “wings” of the youth starts to to strong enough to fly and become independent. More will be shared at a later stage.
    It is important to take note that all that have been mentioned herein is scientifically proven and at the same time also found in revealed Scriptures of Religions!
    May parents begin to learn their responsibilities soon, so that the body of mankind will become transformed slowly and surely, to reach a time when all the people of the world will know how to live in unity, peace, prosperity and happiness!

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