Haji Dr. Mohamed Harith Bin Mohamed Kassim

Date of birth : 16th April 1951

Race             : Malay

Citizenship   : Malaysian

Dr Harith grew up in Singapore and attended the Anglo-Chinese School, throughout his pre-tertiary education. Upon graduation from the then University of Singapore in 1974, he joined the Singapore Legal Service where he served as Deputy Public Prosecutor, as an Officer in the Legal Aid Bureau and also as the Official Assignee/Receiver in the Public Trustees’ Office.

Dr Harith then left the Singapore Legal Service to join private practice. Thereafter he migrated to Malaysia in 1982. He lectured in the then Institute Technology Mara (“ITM”) for a short time before joining Colgate Palmolive Malaysia (“CPM”) as its Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager in 1982. He retired as CPM’s Vice-President for Legal and Corporate Affairs in 2005 and continues to be the Corporate Affairs Consultant Director to Colgate Palmolive Malaysia till to-date.

Dr Harith obtained his Masters and PhD in counseling from the Washington International University through his dissertation on a murderer and 7 individuals with life style issues respectively. He is a registered Counselor under the Counselors Act and a certified trainer for Train the Trainer (“TTT”). His company is a certified and licensed training company under PSMB class B – training provider no. 1715 (SBL/HRDF claimable).

Throughout his corporate life, Dr Harith has delivered many lectures in-house and in public and is currently writing a book on self-motivation. He has also mentored numerous successful corporate individuals over the past 30 years, and continues to do so.

Based on his hands-on experiences over 4 decades, Dr Harith has developed a unique training system combining counseling with soft skills. He is a strong advocate of knowing one’s self towards excellence propulsion. This is his own unique system which has allowed him to own two registered trademarks in Malaysia, “Productivity…Your Inheritance” and “Socio-Dynamic”(SD) where the individual propels the “Dynamo” within him towards the spark of productivity when interfacing with others. He refers to his unique training methodology as the “proYI Cognitive Method”.

NoAcademic QualificationYear
1Degree of Bachelor of Laws (University of Singapore)1974
2Postgraduate Practical Course In Law (University of Singapore)1974
3Admitted as Advocate and Solicitor of The Supreme Court and the Republic of Singapore1977
4Singapore Executive Program (Stanford University)1989
5Licensed Counselor AKTA KAUNSELOR 19982006
6Masters of Art in Counseling (Washington International University)2006
7Doctor of Philosophy in Art in Counseling (Washington International University)2008
8PSMB Class B Training Certificate (KAM)2010
9Train The Trainer (TTT) Certificate-PSMB2010

Professional Membership

  1. Life Member of Malaysian Counseling Association.
  2. Member of the American Counseling Association.
  3. Overseas member of Singapore Association of Counselors.
  4. Life Member of the Malaysian Mental Health Association.
  5. Life Member Of Malaysian Corporate Counsel Association.
  6. Member of International Association of Counselors And Therapists (IACT)

 Teaching Experience

  • Lectured in the University of Singapore Post Graduate Practical Course in Probate Law.
  • Lectured in the Law of Evidence and Syariah Law specifically in Islamic Family and Succession Laws in ITM
  • Public lectures on the law of bankruptcies liquidation (winding up) [book under preparation]

 Seminars and Dialogues

  • Multiple Public Seminars on Advertising and the law; marketing and the law.
  • Multiple Lectures on Counseling and its benefit to the individual and society (NGO’s, Rotary Club)
  • “The problem of unemployed local graduates and the solutions” – Dialogue
  • “How effective are local Universities at preparing students for the work force”- Dialogue
  • “Productivity… Your inheritance. How mindfulness can bring out the productivity in you” (3 seminar presentations in Singapore) 2012/2013

Certificates of membership.

Dr. Harith is a member of the following Professional bodies and Affiliations

Registered Counselor
Registered Counselor Certificate       (Borang G)
Training Provider Certificate by HRDF
Training Provider Certificate by HRDF
Train the Trainer Certificate by HRDF
Train the Trainer Certificate by HRDF
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